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Carpeting Installation Tips
What you need to know about installing your own carpet

You can help ensure a smooth installation by keeping a couple of things in mind. First, your carpet installers will need a clear path for carrying you new padding and carpet to its final location. Beyond that, it will be obvious to you that the room getting the new carpet must be completely empty, dry, and swept clean. If you are removing old carpeting in preparation for your new installation, leave the tack strips in place, but remove any existing padding staples. We can help you with removing the old carpet, if you wish. Wall trim pieces may require removal, which in turn may necessitate some paint touch-up. We’ll be careful, but you should be prepared. If the new carpet changes the total flooring height, door clearance may need to be adjusted. Again, discuss this with your Macco’s Floor Covering Center associate. These issues can be identified and planned for when you do a pre-installation walk-through with your installer, which we recommend most heartily. On installation day, plan to be home so that you can answer any questions that arise. Plan to keep children and pets well clear of the installation area. Following installation, there may be odors related to the carpeting installation. Plan for good ventilation for a day or three immediately following the installation. Shedding of some fibers is to be expected, so expect to remove those by vacuum cleaning a bit more frequently, initially. If wrinkles appear, re-stretching may be required. If you see wrinkles or bumps, contact us immediately. Your installer will provide other tips and details, and answer questions.