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Luxury Vinyl Tile Installation
What you need to know about installing your own luxury vinyl tile


Finally, a ray of sunshine for do-it-yourself enthusiasts! You can actually install your own luxury vinyl flooring, if you have a moderate level of DIY skill, and a few specialized tools. Some brands of luxury vinyl planks utilize a type of adhesive that is forgiving for a number of hours…allowing you to undo and redo if you haven’t affixed the planks to one another just right in your first attempt. If you select luxury vinyl tile, you may have the option of a grouted or non-grouted installation. One is not inherently superior to the other. They look different, and your preference is your best guide. Our design staff can help you visualize the difference. Each manufacturer will have specific requirements for preparing the subfloor, and so on through installation. Be sure to comply with these requirements to ensure that your manufacturer’s warranty remains valid. If your are having the flooring installed by a professional, a pre-installation walk-through with your installer will help ensure that you are prepared for the big day. The matters of removal and disposal of old flooring, trim, sub-floor preparation, and door clearance can be addressed during the walk-through. On installation day, plan to be home. Have a plan for keeping children and pets well clear of the work areas. Expect noise. Have the room completely clear of furniture, according to your discussion with the installer ahead of time. Plan to provide ventilation for the new floor area, post-installation, to help clear related odors.