Tile in Wisconsin

Tile may be the most versatile of all floor coverings. And the qualities that we appreciate about tile on the floor apply equally to the appeal of tile on wall and backsplash surfaces. You may prefer the uniform appearance of a uniform, single-colored tile surface, or have ideas about patterns and designs you can achieve using multiple sizes and colors. Macco’s Floor Covering Centers’ interior design professionals can show you ideas from the best-of-the-best: subtle and sophisticated to bold and dramatic.

Tile has long been the floor covering of choice for kitchens and baths, thanks to its superior ability to withstand moisture, and easy clean-ability. Add to that the huge variety in colors and finishes, and the ease of creating custom designs on tight budgets, and you will understand why tile is finding its way into more and more interior designs.

Have a look at our tile offerings, check our Tile Flooring Basics, and plan to visit a Macco’s Floor Covering Center with your ideas and questions.

Tile Brands

Dal Tile
American Olean